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Why I started Blogging with my chartered accountancy course and why you should too. - Financially Pro

So, many people ask me,"why are you wasting your time in blogs and why don't you study for your examinations?"

Some say like,"You are still a student and people won't trust you because you still lack something especially in subjects like personal finance."

So, that is also one of the reason for writing this blog post. I believe that my viewers should be aware of me.

Such questions are being heard repeatedly but some do appreciate. But I focus on neither of them. But I love when someone asks me questions!

But believe me, you can enjoy blogging, I do! 
So let me start from the beginning.

"Blogging" I heard for the first time when I was in 11th Std., from that time I had something like I want to be a blogger but because of lack of resources and money I couldn't. I didn't  know at that time I can blog free of cost too 

After that, I had complete focus on my studies and cleared 11th and 12th std. I had started the chartered accountancy course and currently, I spend most of my time in office and study.
Before some time I was searching for the financial courses, I have found many options like CFA, CFP etc. CFP was the course where my mind stuck. Slowly I started understanding personal finance, wealth management, asset allocation etc. I was very passionate about this subject and still spends most of my time learning this. I try to relate to my self as I earn and how I use it and learn from different financial issues handled by my father.

So, I just combined two topics I am interested in personal finance and blogging. 

Firstly, I started my blog with free domain and side by side understanding of the basics of blogging, SEO, SMO, keyword research etc. 

I had started blog name with JD Talks. Later on, I decided to make my own brand and work on it, that's the reason you are on Financially Pro blog. In the beginning, I used Blogger and with the subdomain of 
But it doesn't look professional so I moved to a domain which can be trusted that is .com 

So, If you too want to purchase top-level domain just in rs. 93 or 1.31$ for 1 year you can contact me. You can get domain at most cheapest rate. I'll love to help you.

Now, I do read a lot about personal finance and blog about my personal experience.
I can say only one thing, I love to blog!

You can read my About Us page.

But does that affect my studies?
Here the point is of prioritisation. I cannot be full time blogger now, I need to focus on other areas of life also. I can give my hour or two in a day for blogging, but if I do so I need to give my 100% in other work for rest of the time.

So, I wrote in my title why I started blogging with my chartered accountancy course and why should you too.

You may be thinking like I am not interested in blogging although I read it but not writing. Here it is not about blogging but it's about area of interest. 

Blogging also help to enhance your skills. Before starting blog I was also like I can do it nothing great in it. But efforts are required, but worth it. You can try to blog on free platform like
There are other platforms but this are best and most trusted.

Are you spending enough time to do what makes you feel happy? takes away all your tiredness ?
If not you should!
I work all day and still at night I can spend hours blogging.

You should do something which makes you feel good, whether related to your work or not.

I love to interact with people, if you have something to share you can comment here.

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